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COVID-19 Update 

If you've been looking for a solution to support your child during the COVID-19 school closures, look no further! FREE streaming video available now!

Parents, grandparents, guardians, caregivers, and teachers alike will find remarkable value in this revolutionary new DVD series. Packed with hundreds of words and many levels of sequenced, intensive literacy instruction, "All God's Children Can Read" serves as an excellent resource for differentiated instruction and support for Tier 2/Tier 3 reading intervention. Teachers & homeschooling parents, bring your students' listening center to life with these interactive DVDs! Sight words are presented in an organized, logical sequence progressing from words with 1-2 phonemes (discrete sounds) to more complex words with digraphs, clusters, and other irregularities.
As an added bonus, get your kids up and moving with our line of kid-friendly exercises, Bouncerobics (TM) and Bouncersize (TM). Get fit and get literate in each 30 minute video session!



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FREE full video lesson coming soon!